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Hawkin’s Legacy journey started from a natural progression of the purest rainfall down Ben Nevis, Scotland’s highest mountain into their distillery. It was here where a small, dedicated team worked their alchemy to convert the pure, clear sparkling water into the crystal clear Hawkin’s Legacy single malt whisky.

For 22 years this limited addition whisky sat maturing in an old cask stored in the distillery warehouse nestled at the foot of the Ben Nevis mountains.

This fine rare whisky was then monitored, sampled, tasted and finally bottled, now ready for drinking by the discerning.

Sadly Stanley Grant Hawkin is no longer around to enjoy the fruit of his investment, however we hope you enjoy Hawkin’s Legacy as much as he relished drinking malt whisky with his special friends. Enjoy!


Stanley Grant Hawkin’s dream was to develop his own collection of scotch malt whisky.

We are proud to introduce Hawkin’s Legacy, the 22 year old limited edition, matured single malt, distilled in Ben Nevis, Scotland.

Purchased by Hawkin & Co, it has been monitored, sampled and bottled at its finest.

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